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Last Updated March 1, 2022

At You Just Got Oranged, our creative marketing process is a collaborative effort. To stay on schedule, You Just Got Oranged has created this list of frequently asked questions to help you through our process and make sure we are all on the same page. always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Here's what you can expect during our time together:

  • We will be responsive and timely with all of our communications.

  • We will respect you, your expertise, time, and money.

  • We will be upfront about exactly what's included and what's not - no surprises.

  • We will consult with you before taking any action that requires an additional investment.

  • We will deliver a high-quality product.

And here's what we can expect from you:

  • You will be responsive and timely in your communications, as your feedback may impact the schedule.

  • You will be committed to the project and respectful of us, our expertise, and our time.

  • You will be upfront about your deadlines and needs - no surprises.

  • You will be proactive in your communication if anything changes during our work together.

  • You will be honest in your feedback, comments, ideas, and suggestions.

  • You will be nice and courteous.

Q: How quickly will You Just Got Oranged get started?

A:  We expect that you will fill out the brand identity questionnaire and provide your existing business collateral (mission statement, vision statement, press releases, bio, color palette, logo, etc.) by your project start date. With this information, we will immediately start your communications audit and be on target for the schedule. Without these two key components, we will not be able to start your project. A member of the YJGO team will reach out to you if either of the components has not been provided by your project start day.

Click here to fill out the brand identity questionnaire.

Q: How will You Just Got Oranged communicate with me?

A: Typically, we will communicate to you via email and virtual online meetings, which are covered in the cost. Should you wish to schedule a face-to-face meeting, we would be delighted to meet with you at a mutual location or at your premises subject to appropriate fees.

Click here to schedule a client check-in video call.

Please make sure you add the following emails to your safe sender list:, and

Q: How will I provide feedback on design recommendations?

A: When we send your design recommendations, you will also receive a feedback form to fill out to make comments on the designs. Clients must complete the feedback form to make comments. Please complete the feedback form within 72 hours of receipt. Using the feedback form helps in providing a quick turnaround for your deliverables. You may also provide feedback during your scheduled check-in meeting.

If you need more time in completing your feedback survey, please email us at to let us know.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We are open Monday – Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time. In some cases, a project may require some flexibility with our work schedule. We respond to all voicemails and emails within 24-hours of receipt during our normal business schedule.

Q: How are past due payments handled?

A: If You Just Got Oranged does not receive a payment within fourteen (14) calendar days of any payment date (project completion date), you will be charged a late fee of 1.5% of the outstanding amount per day payment is not received.


For example, if you owe YJGO $1,000 due on April 1st and fail to pay by April 14th, on April 15th, you will owe $1,015. On April 16th, you will own $1,030.23, and so on.

Q: What is I need to put my project on hold?

A: We understand that sometimes, we as entrepreneurs need to reevaluate certain processes before we move forward with branding. This is quite all right. Please refer to your signed agreement for specifics. 

Q: What if I don't have everything together to answer the You Just Got Oranged feedback survey?

A: It's okay.  Open and honest communication is an important part of the business. We're on this journey with you. Please let us know via email if you are unable to complete your You Just Got Oranged feedback survey, and let us know by emailing  

Q: Is everything we talk about confidential?

A: Everything that is discussed is told in confidence. We believe in creating a safe and trusting environment, because the more that we learn about you, the more we can translate who you are into your business. 

In some instances we may request to speak with a member of your team to better understand your processes, we will also hold what is told in confidence.

Q: How long do I have to download my brand deliverables?

A: Please download all of your deliverables within 30-days after you have received the final documents. We will notify you 7-days prior to the end of your 30-days to ensure download. 

After 30-days we cannot guarantee your deliverables will be available for download. You may be charged a $150 fee for additional services. 

Q: Can I send someone a link to my deliverables?

A: Google Drive links provided by YJGO are customized for each particular client. We ask that you DO NOT send or forward a party that is not identified within the contract the link to your deliverable. 

Any requests for access will be denied. We recommend that you download the file, attach it to an email, and send it to the intended audience. Please click here on instructions on how to download files from Google Drive, 

Q: Can I meet with you after my project is completed to go over any questions I may have?

A: We understand that transitioning to new systems can pose challenges. To assist our clients during this transition, we offer one (1) complementary check-in after project competition. 

However, any additional 1-hour check-ins after that are subject to a nominal fee of $150. This fee must be paid before the meeting to ensure a smooth and efficient process.  

Q: Should I change my passwords after my project is completed?

A: We highly suggest that you update any passwords shared with or created on your behalf by You Just Got Oranged after project completion. 

You Just Got Oranged is not responsible for any hacking, etc. that may occur. We ensure that our security systems are update to and that any password information is destroyed after project completion. 

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