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How to Tap Into Your Audience's Emotions

If you want to attract new clients, inspire them to work with you, and help them and yourself flourish, then you have to tap into your audience's emotions. It is a vital component in content marketing. As humans, we often base decisions on our emotions. By tapping into your audience's emotions, they will be more likely to connect with you. It will also help your brand stand out in your audience's mind, increasing the chances of purchasing your product or service later.

So, how can you tap into your audience's emotions? See below for four simple and easy steps.

Using Honesty and Authenticity

The things consumers look for in business have changed dramatically over the years. Today they prefer to deal with brands that operate with honesty and authenticity. When your company proves that it is honest and authentic, you can build trust and develop a powerful bond between you and the consumer in good times and bad. If your audience views you as honest and authentic, they will feel emotionally compelled to buy from you over your competitors.

How can you be honest and authentic?

  • Don't over-promise things that you can't deliver on.

  • Back up your brand messaging with the right actions.

Art of Storytelling

Did you know you can use the art of storytelling to trigger audience emotions? Storytelling has become one of the most useful and effective marketing strategies today. It involves delivering a message through a story. You could talk about your own experience of a problem and how you overcame it with your products or services. It could also be a case study about an individual who has used your products or services to flourish in their personal or professional life. As the audience reads through the story, it helps them get to know you a little better. When you create content in the form of a story, it also enables you to utilize emotional responses.

How to Create a Bomb af Case Study Story?

  • Your customer is the hero. Allow your product or service to be a supporting character.

  • Paint a detailed and relatable "before and after" picture.

  • Use visuals to tell your story.

Show a Little Empathy

If there's one thing your audience wants, it's empathy. Instead of considering empathy as a feeling, understand that it's a group of behaviors. They want to know you understand the issues they face, rather than just selling them a product or service. They want to know that you are their knight in shining armor. So, if you provide empathy, it's going to trigger a positive emotional response. We connect most to those we relate to and who we feel understand us better.

How can you communicate empathy?

  • Practice active listening.

  • Recognize your clients' emotions.

  • Accept their understanding of the situation.

Consider the Goal of the Content

When you're trying to focus on tapping into audience emotions, it's essential to consider the content's goal. For example, if the goal is to get your audience to build up brand awareness, you'll want to focus on making the content shareable. If your content is designed to motivate a sale, you will concentrate on triggering specific emotions to get them to that point. Different goals require slightly mixed feelings. If you want to truly tap into your audience's emotions, its a good idea to research as much as you can into the psychology of selling. Understanding your goals will help you determine the most effective strategies you can use.

How to Select your Content Medium?

  • Your customer is the hero. Allow your product or service to be a supporting character.

  • Paint a detailed and relatable "before and after" picture.

  • Use visuals to tell your story.

Cherise Orange is the CEO of You Just Got Oranged and the Director of Marketing and Messaging for Fox & Lion Communications

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