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City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs


In 2020, You Just Got Oranged was commissioned by the City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs to design streetpole and pedestrian banners in honor of Black Lives Matter.

100 years ago the Pan African Flag was created in response to the song, "Every Race as a Flag but a Coon." Since then the Pan African Flag has stood as a symbol of pride, liberty, and celebration for Black Americans.

Using the colors of the Pan African Flag, the banners are a Memoriam to the five hundred seventy-seven known Black Americans, a majority that was slain, hunted, and murdered in the United States of America after 2000. They no longer have their lives. They are not able to dream endless possibilities and have futures in a world that will one day not see the color of their skin as a threat or a weapon. Their voices were violently taken and silenced. So we must be the voice for them. It's time to stand back or stand up. We must triumph over racism on all levels, individually, systematically, and institutionally.

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