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Cherise Orange

Cherise Orange splashes creativity and functionality in the world as the Founder & Creative Engagement Officer for You Just Got Oranged, a 100% female-led creative marketing company based in San Jose, CA. 

Cherise has over 15 years of project management, planning, graphic design, and marketing experience in many industries including government, non-profit organizations, diversity, equity, and inclusion organizations, and consulting. She believes in getting to the core of the message and executing it in a simple and authentic way. Her passion and dedication led her clients to an abundance of clients, resources, and access to opportunities.

Cherise is a proud graduate of Morgan State University with a Master’s of Arts Degree in City and Regional Planning and Mount St. Mary's University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business. She currently services as the San Jose Woman’s Club Director of Communications + Creative and the Marketing Committee Chair for Green Foothills.

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April  Ornelas

April Ornelas is a married mom of two boys and an avid reader and writer. Professionally, she is a Project Manager and Executive Assistant who has worked and studied in the biotech field for 12 years. She is an experienced writer and editor with a passion for organizing words into impactful sentences. 


Life and work experience has led her to become dedicated to helping others achieve their goals whether it involves helping them change their career trajectory or organize their work and practices to be more conducive to promoting personal productivity.


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Nicole Arizala 1.png

Nicole Arizala

Nicole is an innovative and passionate artist and designer with over ten years of experience in the creative industry doing fine art, illustration, and graphic design. With a keen eye for beauty, she strives to create beautiful and thoughtful design that emphasizes communication and connection.

Nicole is an alumni of Cardinal Carter Academy of the Arts and is now a current student at the University of Guelph-Humber working towards a Bachelors Degree of Applied Science in Kinesiology. Her studies in both art and science have enhanced her ability to create well-informed designs and illustrations that blend effective communication with aesthetics.


Symone Jackson

Symone brings almost a decade of experience in creating compelling stories and developing marketing and communication strategies in several industries including non-profit, healthcare, and banking.


Symone is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a degree in Sociology.


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